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Australian Raw Cold Pressed Manuka Honey

Natural Goodness

Our raw, cold pressed manuka honey is full of natural antioxidants, enzymes and antimicrobial properties. Great for colds and viruses, sore throats, digestion, wound and skin care.

Premium Australian Quality

Our bioactive manuka honey and natural raw honey is harvested from the pristine and remote Gold Coast region and coastal bushland along Australia’s rugged eastern seaboard.

MGO Levels Guaranteed

To ensure the best quality manuka honey, we test every batch independently to verify the levels of Methylglyoxal (MGO i.e. the good stuff).

On the Go Sachets

All the benefits. Now in our convenient, single serve satchets.

Sustainably Harvested Premium Quality Honey

Our Manuka honey is harvested ethically and sustainably straight from the hive. This ensures all the valuable health benefits are retained in this delicious, nutritious food created by nature.

The powerful properties of Manuka honey

Fight Sickness. Heal Wounds.

Superior antibacterial and antimicrobial capabilities.

Available in a range of MGO strengths